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Redrew some scenes of Mikasa from the SNK manga. Throughout the drawing process, I realised so many things that I missed to notice in so many chapters. Like when Sasha took a bite of Mikasa’s bread after the ‘fart’ cover up. It was a normal thing thou, until I redrew ‘em as guys. Oh God. I so can ship Male!Mikasa with Male!Sasha now. 

And yes, there’s fem!Eren. Also since a lot of ppl actually ship Mikasa with Levi, why not Male!Mikasa with actual male Levi. -shrug-



"b-but i thought you and levi were…oh…JFC EREN PUT SOME PANTS ON" 

when does he ever not yell

Oh crap! I’m gonna slow down!


recently I’ve been really enjoying this series

Hamatora Episode 7  Art

Trafalgar Law // One Piece (episode 629)